Changes to Come In the Modern Workplace

It is evident in almost every aspect of our society that technology is here to stay. It is also clear that with technology comes advancement and particular in the case of the modern workspace.

In every field of work communication collaboration and efficiency are key and highly valued so as the tools we utilize are continually advancing why aren’t these essential workspace characteristics? It is predicted that as more millennials flood the modern workspace many modifications will be made to how we communicated collaborate and even where we work.

To begin I see video conferencing and meetings growing very popular in the future. Business requires etiquette and formality that cannot always be conveyed in phone conversations. Let’s say a client from Chicago’s company you represent is having a crisis and an emergency meeting must be made but the client cannot leave New York. A high tec. Video conferencing tool would be highly valuable in this situation in which the client and their team are able to see and communicate with you and your team to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This kind of technology could also be used for company meetings so that team members working from other locations can contribute in a convenient and equal way. I believe that with video conferencing and more portable devices contact and communication can be simplified over long distances or even within the office.

The internet of things will also most likely play a role in the workspace of the future. In a time where every aspect of the office is alive with the buzz of electricity synced flawlessly to your other devices. Printers that automatically print the agenda for the day and the key points for the meeting before it even happens. Calendars that are constructed as you speak with colleagues and not as you type them in. an electronically monitored work space temperature to ensure the highest level of productivity and co workers faces pop up in the bottom of your screen for a quick question. There are endless ways in which the internet of things can dramatically change the work space possible even replacing positions that have been seen as necessary for years such as a secretary or accountant.

It is also evident that a shift in the hiring process might become a reality in the near future.With shorter deadlines and a faster paced setting employers more than ever are looking for simplified efficient and effective new hiring processes. Sources such as linked in have already quickened the processes narrowing in on key prospects with past employment, endorsed skills, and reliable connections. But the advancement does not stop here. With formality at the forefront employers crave a simplified interviewing processes whether it be through video interviewing or an online challenge or questionnaire. As the workspace changes it is most likely that they way the people that fill it are selected will change as well.

The modern workspace also holds potential to become entirely virtual. With all of these technological advances face to face workspace interaction may not be necessary any more along with an actual office. With email and collaboration apps along with video conferencing a physical office may be an unnecessary of luxury in the future. As we continue to advance it will be interesting to see how interaction and communication are changed in the modern work space.


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