The Terrifying and Promising world of the Internet of Things

        It is odd to think of a world where our everyday possessions think for us. Technology has become essential in our generation, losing a phone is catastrophic and objects once considered a luxury are now essential too keeping up with our ever changing society. The internet of things is the next step, a time where our homes, cars and appliances not only preform their intended purpose but analyze our every word and action to simplify our lives. Farms that run themselves, to cars without drivers and even homes that know how to predict our every need. To earlier generations these products seem almost unfathomable and in some ways terrifying. However, the technology its self should not scare us, it’s the power and information they hold that should. Millions of Americans struggle with stolen information on a daily basis, the fact is with life online and a generally uneducated society the internet as is can prove to be a treacherous place. Our information is valuable, our location, preferences and needs in general are things others are striving to obtain. Yet, when it comes to technology we are so willing to sign this precious information away. More than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the internet of things by 2020, according to Information There is money to be made in this business, a consumer that craves simplicity and a corporation that gains from sales of a product and of their eager consumer’s information.  According to the Altimeter Group report shows our biggest concern begins with proximity to our identities, our bodies and health our homes, transportation and location. The Internet of things carries great potential and very well may be the perfect solution to a growing population but at what cost?


By 2020, a Black Market Exceeding $5 Billion Will Exist to Sell Fake Sensor and Video Data for Enabling Criminal Activity and Protecting Personal Privacy. “4 Unexpected Implications Arising from the Internet of Things – Gartner | Information Age.” 4 Unexpected Implications Arising from the Internet of Things – Gartner | Information Age. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Sept. 2016.

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